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Our experienced consultants, provide unique, in-depth, local markets advice to support your projects and public initiatives. We have substantive experience in Latin America and can be a vital resource and supplement for your in-house analysts.

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Electricity markets advisory

Drafting of PPA agreements

Developing clean energy certificate frameworks

Managing RFP processes and contractor selection

Due diligence and third-party background checks

Technical engineering and construction management advisory

Project finance consulting

Energy Intelligence


PPPs have several advantages. With them, governments not only meet infrastructure needs, but also generate a high social rate of return and improve well-being.

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Advantages of Public Private Partnerships

PPPs excel at providing support functions, such as private companies that can maintain infrastructure for public institutions while reducing costs. Another crucial role of PPPs is to fill in the gaps in public services. That is particularly true in Latin America, where insufficient local tax revenues frequently prevent full public funding. In many of these cases, PPPs provide a practical solution to infrastructure challenges in the region.

Solutions for the Caribbean

Renewable Energy


investments in solar energy


PPPs require not only government willingness, but also a solid legal framework. This law establishment is crucial for PPPs since it means political commitment and establishes rights and obligations for all stakeholders, as well as minimal technical standards. 

Monitoring and regulation are two important steps when contracting PPP projects. This requires that an independent verifier analyzes whether performance standards have been achieved. Our consultants also ensure transparency and mitigate the risk of fraud in PPP projects. 

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